The GOOD NEWS is…. my Book Launch & Signing Party was WONDERFUL. I talked briefly about my journey as an author, got everyone singing HARRIET’s super-fun up-tempo song, held a silly yet dramatic raffle, and signed some books for some young readers.

I am so grateful for my family, friends, teaching buddies, SCBWI Schmooze Group Peeps, parents, students, neighbors, librarians, and kids/grandkids for helping me celebrate the LAUNCH of HARRIET CAN CARRY IT. It was great fun and I appreciate your support and enthusiasm. Thanks for visiting, my friends, and stay in touch.

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Some amazing young readers attended Kirk's Launch Party!!      Some amazing young readers attended Kirk's Launch Party!!     Some amazing young readers attended Kirk's Launch Party!!

Remarkable Reviews

“Harriet Can Carry It is an entertaining picture book that introduces kids to marsupials in a light, yet memorable manner. It would make a fun read-aloud for schools or libraries. Recommended. “

 – Jennifer Robinson of Jen Robinson’s Book Page

“My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is a cute story to read with your young children. The artwork is bright and colorful. The words are easy to read aloud. The ending is a heartwarming moment between the mother kangaroo and child.”

The Book Elf’s Nook

5/5 Stars, A clever rhyming story.
Kirk Jay Mueller has created a whimsical tale about Harriett, a postage-toting kangaroo who wants to take her little one to the beach. Along the way, they meet all types of Australian creatures. They all ask Harriet to carry their belongings. What’s a tired kangaroo to do? The rhymes are cute, and the illustrations are sure to hold a young audience’s attention.

 – S. O’Bryan

Kind Words/Praise

“Kirk engaged, informed and entertained my TKs and Ks for 35 minutes! My kids loved HARRIET’S SONG, too. Very fun!”

Holly Johnson-Old Orchard Elementary, kindergarten teacher

 “Thank you, Kirk. You established rapport and held my students’ attention. Your presentation was both educational and entertaining! I can tell you’re doing what you love.”

Emily Williams – Emblem Academy, kindergarten teacher


“Kirk’s excellent presentation got my students excited about writing their own stories. They really understood the process of brainstorming and writing ideas down on paper, as Kirk explained the writing process through his own experience. They also loved singing HARRIET’S SONG …I did, too!”

Norma Puente– McGrath Elementary, 1st grade teacher


“My students really enjoyed Kirk’s presentation! HARRIET CAN CARRY IT  is a great, entertaining  story. It is full of rhyming words and repetition, and is educational in many ways.Kirk can definitely entertain young kids as well as adults. Loved it!”

Laura Salas – McGrath Elementary, 1st grade teacher


“Loved how Kirk included the story behind his rhyming picture book, information/facts about Australian marsupials and HARRIET’S SONG in one entertaining, educational program!”

Joyce Culberhouse-Valencia Valley Elementary, 2nd grade teacher


“Kirk’s presentation was informative and entertaining. My students loved learning about the process of getting a book published!”

Heather Richardson – McGrath Elementary, 2nd grade teacher


“Kirk’s presentation about his journey as an author was lively and inspiring!”

Mia Saaty– McGrath Elementary, 2nd grade teacher


“Kirk was wonderful! He really showed the kids what it takes to get a book published. He did a great job inspiring my kids to read, write and sing!”

Angela Metts – Old Orchard Elementary, 2nd grade teacher


“My fourth graders really enjoyed Kirk’s engaging and educational presentation. He was so enthusiastic!

Merly Soni- Old Orchard Elementary, 4th grade teacher


“Kirk had a great rapport with my kids. His presentation was entertaining and informative. We loved hearing about his journey as an author and how HARRIET CAN CARRY IT became a real live published book.”

Natalie Swisher – Old Orchard Elementary, 4th grade teacher


“Sixth graders can be a tough audience, especially toward the very end of the year. Kirk got their attention and held it all the way through his very educational  and entertaining presentation!”

Gloria Burzynski– Old Orchard Elementary, 6th grade teacher