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    I really like to visit schools, book stores and libraries to connect with my readers. I have been teaching children for over thirty years, and was a Language Arts Mentor in our District for two years. I have been doing engaging presentations to large and small groups of teachers, parents and students for many years.

    My unique presentation will include my experiences as an author, The Writing Process, a behind-the –scenes look at HARRIET CAN CARRY IT’S journey to publication, .interesting facts about marsupials/animal adaptations and an uplifting, uptempo song or two (a sing-a-long).



    A one day visit may include:

    Lunch with the Author (featuring selected students and/or teachers)

    This format is flexible in that I can just go in to individual classrooms/the library/ MPR to do my presentation to groups of 30-100 students in grade levels which are especially interested in HARRIET CAN CARRY IT and the fascinating process of creating and publishing HARRIET (or any story).

    Prior to the school visit, I will provide you with:

    The day of the Author Visit, the school will provide:  





    I am always delighted to meet and connect with readers by signing their books. Want to inspire lifelong readers with a personalized, autographed copy of HARRIET CAN CARRY IT? Ask a local book store owner, PTA Book Fair Coordinator or events manager to order and sell HARRIET before and/or after my PRESENTATION. Also, usually, if you order 20 or more books from STAR BRIGHT BOOKS , other online book sellers and/or independent book stores, you can do so at a substantial discount!!

    Author Visits/Presentations followed by Book Store/Book Fair sales and signings(Meet & Greet) are free of charge.

    For more information or questions, comments and/or suggestions, please contact Kirk here.

    Come along and join me as we laugh, read and sing together!!!!